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St. Michael Special School provides opportunities for inclusive activities with other schools in our community centered around sports, art, music, academics, and simple social situations. These include, but are not limited to, extracurricular activities with non-disabled peers from neighboring universities and high schools. Other activities include shared social interactions, art and music projects including English Bell Choir performances throughout the metropolitan area, and partner reading opportunities.

At St. Michael Special School, children with various disabilities do not take academic or social achievements for granted. Those kinds of accomplishments often require a great deal of hard work on the part of the student due to the challenges he or she faces; therefore, this is a greater cause for celebration. Smaller, quieter successes add up to a lot, especially when it comes to the self-esteem. What may be taken for granted in the ordinary classroom is often a reason for true celebration among our students and staff. Recognizing and celebrating such small, everyday successes with students, parents, and teachers reinforces resilience and self-esteem in immeasurable ways.