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We are blessed to have an amazing,  dedicated faculty who truly care about our students.

  Name Title
Laurel Alonzo Alonzo, Laurel Associate Head of School
Sterling Baldwin Baldwin, Sterling Upper School Faculty, Industrial Arts
Tiffany Bass Bass, Tiffany Lower School Faculty
Molly Bilich Bilich, Molly Lower School Faculty
Marissa Buse Buse, Marissa Computer
Cora Caruso Caruso, Cora Lower School Faculty
Alysha Colfry Colfry, Alysha Exploration Academy Faculty
Christi Collet Collet, Christi Lower School Faculty
Rhonda Conrad-Jaufre Conrad-Jaufre, Rhonda Lower School Faculty
Geraldine Daunoy Daunoy, Geraldine Joy Center Faculty, Religion
Angelina Davis - Freeman Davis - Freeman, Angelina Upper School Faculty, PAES Lab
Gail Demery Demery, Gail Upper School Faculty
Timothy Duffy Duffy, Timothy Upper School Faculty, Science and Social Studies
Alecia Dumestre Dumestre, Alecia School Nurse
Kristen Francioni Francioni, Kristen Upper School Faculty, Religion
Mary Beth Francioni Francioni, Mary Beth Upper School Faculty, Math
Jodie Gallagher Gallagher, Jodie Director of Development
Ann Higgins Higgins, Ann Upper School Faculty, ELA
Tiffany Hingle Hingle, Tiffany Lower School Faculty
Jill Hitchins Hitchins, Jill Music Director
Lucy Hood Hood, Lucy Lower School Faculty
Francis Hwang Hwang, Francis ABA Therapist
Cissy LaForge LaForge, Cissy Head of School
Tim Laurence Laurence, Tim Upper School Faculty, Culinary Science
Willie Leonard Leonard, Willie Facilities
Marti Luke Luke, Marti Joy Center, Music and Movement
Deanna Mader Mader, Deanna Joy Center Faculty
Courtney Maheu Maheu, Courtney Speech Therapist
Lisa Mansfield Mansfield, Lisa Exploration Academy Faculty
Lauren Matherne Matherne, Lauren Speech Therapist
Camille Merritt Merritt, Camille Joy Center Faculty
Glenn Mitchell Mitchell, Glenn Lower School Faculty
Courtney Phillips Phillips, Courtney Counselor
Kristen Plaisance Plaisance, Kristen Lower School Faculty
Taylor Prange Prange, Taylor Lower School Faculty
Marsha Preston Preston, Marsha Upper School Faculty, Theatre
Caitlin Preston-Fulton Preston-Fulton, Caitlin Music
Gabriella Prigmore Prigmore, Gabriella Exploration Academy Faculty
Cassie Prudhomme Prudhomme, Cassie Office Manager
Kelly Render Render, Kelly Social Worker
Michelle Rigney Rigney, Michelle Director of Admissions, Technology
Dane Schindler Schindler, Dane Adaptive Physical Education
Stephanie Simoneaux Simoneaux, Stephanie Joy Center Faculty, Technology
Pamela Smith Smith, Pamela Lower School Faculty
Sandra Smith Smith, Sandra Upper School Faculty, Life Skills
Jyonni Spears Spears, Jyonni Lower School Faculty
Doris Steudlein Steudlein, Doris Lower School Faculty
Paula Stewart Stewart, Paula Staff
Patricia Strikmiller Strikmiller, Patricia Adaptive Physical Education
Pam Strohmeyer Strohmeyer, Pam Upper School Faculty, Creative Arts
Trisha Toups Toups, Trisha Upper School Faculty
Dianne Walet Walet, Dianne Finance
Mary Beth Willem Willem, Mary Beth Chief Financial Officer
Will Williams Williams, Will Staff
Bonnie Woods Woods, Bonnie Joy Center Faculty, Health and Wellness