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St. Michael Special School needs your support. 


Our students attend school longer than the traditional 12 year educational career, so we strive to keep tuition lower than other private schools ($4,662.50 for the 2016/2017 school year).  The economic reality, however, is that the cost to educate each student with special needs is over $11,754 annually.

The majority of the St. Michael Special School families are lower to middle-income households, with over 50% of our students eligible for tuition assistance. Because of the loyalty, generosity, and kindness of the New Orleans community, we are committed to raising over $7,100 per child, per year. Our generous supporters ensure that we are able to continue to provide highly effective and successful instruction in the areas of religion, reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, computer, creative arts, culinary science, vocational training, independent living, community integration, industrial arts, and music.

Our students grow and blossom under the guidance of our dedicated teachers. These teachers are able to make an emormous impact with limited resources, but your support can help us in so many ways.  We have created an amazon wish list which is continually updated with their classroom needs listed.  If you are able, please consider purchasing something for them, or making a donation below. We would be most grateful. God bless you for your continued prayers and encouragement.