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Exploration Academy increases positive post-school outcomes for young adults ages 18 to 25. Applicants must have completed a high school program or St. Michael School’s Upper School. The objective is to assist students with their transition to employment/volunteer opportunities and independent living within their local communities. Student driven opportunities are provided through career exploration, targeted job coaching, continued growth of self-determination skills, and optional HiSET exam preparation.

Exploration Academy  utilizes a Work/Study approach in conjunction with Community-Based Training. Students apply their Apprenticeship training in on- or off-campus settings where their skills are needed. The work/study cycle enables students to strengthen their skills as they encounter real-world scenarios and/or challenges at work sites. Community-Based Training will be a key practice throughout work/study, enabling St. Michael’s Job Coaches to provide on-site instruction to help students successfully apply their skills. Community-Based Training is a critical practice as students with special educational needs often require assistance with Generalization Skills—the ability to complete a task, perform an activity, or display a behavior across various settings, with different people, and at different times, thereby increasing their abilities, independence, and self-confidence.

St. Michael Exploration Academy students will use Peer Mentoring throughout training in both on- and off-campus settings. More experienced students will provide practical training assistance for novice students participating in Apprenticeships, while offering support, encouragement, and sharing their own experiences.  Click here for more information.