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Exploration Academy increases positive post-school outcomes for young adults ages 18—25. Applicants must have completed a high school program or St. Michael’s Upper School. The objective is to assist students with transition to employment or volunteer positions and independent living within their local communities.  Student driven opportunities are provided through career exploration, continued growth of self-determination skills, and optional HiSET exam preparation. Through targeted job coaching, individualized education and  family collaboration, students apply skills learned in on-campus apprenticeships to successfully navigate community based living, volunteer, and work experiences. 

In order to be eligible students  must meet minimum requirements

· Must be 18—25 years old and have graduated from St. Michael or an accredited high school program
· Must have the ability to complete tasks with minimum teacher supervision and direction
· Must be motivated to participate in exploration activities                                                                                                                    

We understand transition is an individualized process; therefore, students have different timelines for success. While the maximum time a student can stay in Exploration Academy is 4 years, there is no formal completion to the program. Many students will achieve their goals of finding volunteer or work placements within 2-3 years.

Annual Tuition = $6,000 (scholarships available for those who qualify) 

Click here for an application.