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We are blessed to have an amazing,  dedicated faculty who truly care about our students.

  Name Title
Laurel Alonzo Alonzo, Laurel Director of Adult Programs
Alice Au Au, Alice Administrative Assistant
Sterling Baldwin Baldwin, Sterling Teacher
Molly Bilich Bilich, Molly Teacher
Anna Breaux Breaux, Anna Director of Finance
Alysha Colfry Colfry, Alysha Teacher
Christi Collet Collet, Christi Teacher
Jordan Conway Conway, Jordan Teacher
Simeka Craft Craft, Simeka Teaching Assistant
Geraldine Daunoy Daunoy, Geraldine Teacher
Gail Demery Demery, Gail Teaching Assistant
Paul Domingue Domingue, Paul Community Based Instruction
Edith Dozier Dozier, Edith Teacher
Timothy Duffy Duffy, Timothy Teacher
Becky Francioni Francioni, Becky Lead Teacher
Kristen Francioni Francioni, Kristen Teacher
Pam Gibbs Gibbs, Pam Teacher
Stephanie Goetz Goetz, Stephanie Development Coordinator
Judy Hauth Hauth, Judy Paraprofessional
Ann Higgins Higgins, Ann Assistant Principal
Jill Hitchins Hitchins, Jill Music Director
Eleanor Johnston Johnston, Eleanor Teacher
Carol Jones Jones, Carol Teacher
Tim Laurence Laurence, Tim Teacher
Willie Leonard Leonard, Willie Teacher, Facilities
Deanna Mader Mader, Deanna Paraprofessional
Courtney Maheu Maheu, Courtney Speech Therapist and Lead Teacher
Barbara Murphy Murphy, Barbara Teacher
Kelly Oser Oser, Kelly Counselor
Patricia Parker Parker, Patricia Teacher
Gabriella Prigmore Prigmore, Gabriella Wellness Assistant
Cassie Prudhomme Prudhomme, Cassie Office Manager
Melissa Richard Richard, Melissa Paraprofessional
Michelle Rigney Rigney, Michelle Teacher, Admissions, & Social Media
Elizabeth Robicheaux Robicheaux, Elizabeth Teacher
Olga Rome Rome, Olga Music Therapist
Judy Royal Royal, Judy Paraprofessional
Tish Sauerhoff Sauerhoff, Tish President/Principal
Dane Schindler Schindler, Dane Teacher
Stephanie Simoneaux Simoneaux, Stephanie Teacher
Pamela Smith Smith, Pamela Teacher
Sandra Smith Smith, Sandra Teacher
Pam Strohmeyer Strohmeyer, Pam Teacher
Kay Taranto Taranto, Kay Teacher
Gina Van Van, Gina Teacher
Gia Virgadamo Virgadamo, Gia Teaching Assistant
Dianne Walet Walet, Dianne Finance
Nicole Wetta Wetta, Nicole Teacher
Will Williams Williams, Will Custodian